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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Skip the stress of shipping with these last-minute TV streaming gifts.

Don’t beat yourself up for waiting until the last minute to buy your holiday gifts. We’re all in the same boat sleigh. Also, you have help: Our streaming TV experts compiled this list of last-minute gift ideas to make your late-stage holiday shopping less stressful.

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For kids—Disney Plus subscription ($79.99/yr.)

“Give a year of stories” is how Disney+ touts its gift subscriptions ($109.99 per year). It’s a pretty good pitch, huh? I mean, that’s what you’d be doing by laying a full year of Disney, Henson, Marvel, and other fantastical, magical stories on the kids in your life. (You know, the kids you forgot to shop for ‘cause you didn’t think they were visiting this year.)

For sports fans—ESPN+ subscription ($99.99/yr.)

Shopping for that relative who sits in a recliner watching football and ignoring the rest of the family at every holiday gathering? What’s their name, again? Dad? Grandma? An annual ESPN+ gift subscription ($99.99 per year) will let that person know that, despite their best efforts to hide, you see them—and you love them. They might still cuss you out for blocking the TV, but they’ll appreciate the gesture (someday).

For hopeless romantics—Hallmark Movies Now subscription ($59.99/yr.)

Every family has one perennially single member who might die alone (like cousin Kim, the loser magnet). Help keep their holiday romance fantasies intact by showing them C-list celebrities in unrealistic portrayals of romantic relationships on Hallmark Movies Now ($59.99 per year).

For comedy fans—Peacock gift subscription ($4.99–$9.99/mo.)

The funny thing about this recommendation is that you can’t buy a Peacock gift subscription—not officially, anyway. But don’t let that stop you from giving the gift of Peacock’s colorful programming, which includes many popular comedies like The Office and Resident Alien.

Peacock has two plans: Peacock Premium (with ads) is $4.99 per month, and Peacock Premium (without ads) is $9.99 per month. That way, you can give the cheaper ad-supported plan to the family and friends you don’t much like—and bestow ad-free Peacock upon those you love (or profess to love).

How to buy a Peacock gift subscription

Since Peacock doesn’t sell annual gift cards or gift subs, you’ll have to get creative. Here’s how you can still give Peacock as a gift:

  • Buy a Visa eGift card and use it to purchase one month of Peacock.
  • Set up an account with your email address to keep it secret (the recipient can change this later).
  • Include the login credentials (and perhaps another Visa eGift card to cover additional months) in a text, email, or digital greeting card.
  • Bob’s your uncle—and now he has a subscription to Peacock.

Pro tip: The above procedure should work for any other streaming service that doesn’t offer gift subscriptions—like the popular horror service Shudder.

For movie fans—Amazon Prime Video gift membership ($45–$139/yr.)

If $139 a year seems expensive for a streaming service, it’s because Prime Video is only one of several Amazon Prime benefits:

  • Free two-day shipping
  • Amazon Household
  • Amazon Music
  • Prime Gaming
  • Prime Reading
  • Prime Try Before You Buy
  • Prime Video

Prime Video, however, does have the largest catalog of on-demand movies and shows (25,000+ titles), so it’s like having an entire video store at your fingertips. If you’re too young to remember such old-timey places, think of Prime Video as a gigantic server full of films and TV series (which it is).

The point: if you like movies, a Prime Video membership means never running out of films to watch. Also, with so many other benefits, it’s a last-minute gift that appears thoughtful—and that’s what counts.

For cult film fanatics—Arrow Player gift subscription ($6.99–$69.99/yr.)

By a show of hands, how many of you have a weird family member or friend who always wants to show you some obscure (or ridiculous) cult film? Find out if they have an Arrow Player subscription.

If so, you’ll have to get them something else ‘cause Arrow won’t add gift subs to existing accounts. But if your friend or relative isn’t already a subscriber, Arrow Player’s 600+ weird, wonderful films will thrill them. You can gift 1–10 months for $6.99–$69.90 or a full year for $69.99 (a 17% discount). Note: this gift may cause your strange relative to contact you more often.

Pro tip: Find out how to give gift subscriptions to other streaming TV services in our guide, How to Give Netflix, Hulu, and Other Streaming Services as Gifts.

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