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Does Xfinity Service My Area?

Here’s what you’ll need to know about Xfinity TV and internet availability in your area.

Price: $19.99–$299.95
Download speed: 25–2,000 Mbps

When it comes to choosing the best cable and high-speed internet package, it can be just as challenging to find out which providers are in your area as it is to ferret out the best price.

For fast download speeds and lots of bundling options, Xfinity should be one of the providers at the top of your list. But even though Xfinity is one of the largest cable TV and internet providers in the country, there’s no guarantee that the provider will be available in your area.

If you want to know whether your home is in an Xfinity service area — and what speeds and packages you can get — here’s how to find out.

How do I check if Xfinity is available in my area?

Xfinity currently provides services to cities across nearly 40 US states. Enter your zip code below to see if Xfinity is available in your area:

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Check out our full Xfinity internet review for more detailed information about the specific cable internet services and bundles offered in your area.

What services does Xfinity offer?

Xfinity offers a wide range of cable internet services, including internet speeds up to 2 Gbps and access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. Xfinity also provides cell phone service with Xfinity Mobile.

If you’re a TV junkie, Xfinity also offers options for any budget. Along with Xfinity’s standard cable TV packages, you can take your TV viewing anywhere you go with the Xfinity Stream app. The service gives you access to your channel lineup, DVR, and on-demand programming via tablet, smartphone, or any other mobile device.

Which factors affect specific Xfinity service availability?

It may surprise you that your neighbor — who lives just down the road — can enjoy Xfinity internet, Wi-Fi hotspot, or TV services that aren’t available for your home. But while it might seem unbelievable, it’s a real situation that both customers and providers have to deal with.

Like many internet providers, Xfinity doesn’t offer nationwide coverage. While there aren’t usually any official contracts keeping service providers out of specific geographic areas, expansion costs and municipal regulations can restrict availability and keep you from getting an Xfinity TV or cable internet connection.

Even though Xfinity has a large service area, there are some spots where alternate providers have already run lines and made expansion more difficult. That’s not to say that Xfinity won’t expand into those areas eventually, but it may take a bit more time and effort.

Another limiting factor could be the type of infrastructure accessible from your house. Some Xfinity internet services — like the Xfinity Gigabit Pro internet package — require a fiber-optic line, while others use coaxial cable connections.

Depending on the infrastructure available to you, your access to different TV or internet plans provided by Xfinity may be limited. Check availability by entering your zip code below before you set your heart on a specific package that may not be available at your location.

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Xfinity availability map

No matter how amped you are to start surfing the internet once you set up your cable modem and flip through channels, everything comes down to which services are available at your home.

Check out our Xfinity availability map to find out whether or not you can start enjoying Xfinity download speeds and programming.