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6 Spooky Horror Movie Podcasts

This Halloween, occupy your scary flick downtime with these horror (and horror-adjacent) podcasts.

Wish you could watch horror movies 24/7? We feel you. Unfortunately, life gets in the way of such important pleasure, but we have a workaround for gore fans on the go: horror podcasts. When you can’t have your eyes glued to a screen, ears tuned to fright-centric audio are the next best thing.

We’ve scared up six horror podcasts we think are worth a listen when you’re away from your TV. Some will compel you to think, others will make you laugh, and a couple might spook the hell out of you.

The ripped-out heart of slasher movies is the creative character death, and Kill by Kill is all about it. Hosts Patrick Hamilton and Gena Radcliffe look at a single horror flick in each episode, but instead of a full recap-review, they concentrate on characters and the ways they meet their grisly ends. Movies covered so far include hits like Alien, cult obscurities like New Year’s Evil, and, of course, the Final Destination series.

Kill by Kill

Which horror movies feature LGBTQ+ subtexts? The easier question would be which ones don’t. Over 400-and-counting episodes, Horror Queers hosts Joe Lipsett and Trace Thurman have dissected scary flicks with “LGBTQ+ themes, a high camp quotient, or both,” and the podcast is a Bloody Disgusting production, so the horror cred is there. Recent movies hilariously analyzed include My Best Friend’s Exorcism, Nope, and even Jurassic World: Dominion.

Horror Queers

Until recent years, horror movies have mostly starred white actors and been created by white writers and white directors, and hosts of color Drea Washington and Tommy Pico mine plenty of comedic commentary from it. The 43-episode Scream, Queen! (which has been on hiatus since November 2021) chews up white-folk horror tropes in breezy 30-minute bites, including one we’ve all thought about: “Why this bitch ain’t dead yet?!”

Scream Queen

Since ye olden days of 2011, The NoSleep Podcast has brought fictional stories from the internet to vivid, frightful life with radio-play narration and eerie, cinematic audio production. How (responsibly) scary is it? Each episode comes with a detailed list of “trigger warnings” for sensitive listeners. Now in Season 18, The NoSleep Podcast offers a paid season pass ($25) that includes double-length episodes and bonus content.

NoSleep Podcast

Another dramatized podcast, Limetown is presented as a Serial-style documentary series for American Public Radio (a fictionalized stand-in for NPR), produced and narrated by investigative journalist “Lia Haddock.” In a horrific accident 10 years ago, 300 people disappeared from the township of Limetown, Tennessee, a corporate-built city that was also a mysterious research facility. Limetown’s docu-realism escalates its creepiness.


Loose and lively indie production Binge-Watchers Podcast has racked up millions of listens and views (there’s also a YouTube component) with its hot takes on—and cold takedowns of—horror flicks. Hosts Johnny Spoiler, Dangerous Dave, and Jordan Savage (possibly not their real names) nerd out not only on the scary stuff but also on current movie and TV news and random pop-cultural nonsense while dropping astute lines like “Rob Zombie’s The Munsters is a well-dressed turd” (hard agree).

Binge-Watchers Podcast

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